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The benefits of an organised home

We’ve all hear the saying "Tidy home, tidy mind " and its many variants. The saying actually dates back to around 1947, back in the day when women generally stayed at home. It was almost a sign that you 'had it together' if your home was organised and polished to within an inch of its life but, in today’s modern society, things are very different. If you’re not convinced here’s why this life philosophy does actually work:

1. Clutter Creates Chaos

If you are constantly surrounded and overwhelmed with clutter, your mind will start to feel the same way. Think back to those mornings when you couldn’t find your purse or your car keys and remember how you left the house later than normal. The traffic had built up, you sat in jams and you had to explain to your colleagues at work why you were late. You were constantly playing catch up all day. Remember the stress? Which brings us on to...

2. Stress causes friction in the home

A Kitchen full of dirty dishes, a bedroom floor covered in clothes, these are all' jobs to be done'. If you find yourself constantly picking up after others it can start to drain you and your emotions, arguments start and everyone is cross. Changing our habits now and preventing the build up of mess in the first place can reduce the negative way we treat each other as a family.

3. Children pick up bad habits

It’s so important that parents teach children good habits and get them to help out around the house, even just keeping their bedrooms tidy or making their beds, is an important life lesson for their future.

4. Work and home life are harder to separate

Coming home from work and having to do another 3 hours’ work on tidying the house is not good for any of us. With a little organisation, this can be improved, meaning you have time to actually relax.

5. You won’t feel refreshed surrounded by mess

Part of looking after our mental health is being able to take time out. Our homes should be our place of sanctuary, always calm and relaxing not surrounded by clutter.

The whole concept of being organised gives us so many benefits. Small habit changes weaved into your day to day routine will soon become second nature and they can be done even if you think you don’t have the time. An organised and tidy home will have so many positive effects on your well-being, relationships and state of mind. If you can remove the clutter from your life and streamline your processes at home this will have a huge positive effect on every aspect of your life and I can help you achieve it.

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