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Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Mind!

We’ve all heard the phrase “Tidy House, Tidy Mind” but does a disorganised home really effect our mental health?

Studies show that decluttering is important to ease feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety can be reduced and our focus can be regained. This, in turn, gives us a boost of energy and helps us to feel more productive.

Organising our homes is easier said than done and sometimes the actual act of decluttering (or the mere thought of it) can cause stress and anxiety in itself. However, try to think of the bigger picture. A clutter-free and tidy home WILL have many positive effects on your wellbeing, your relationships and your state of mind, just look at these facts that explain why:

Constant clutter around us consistently requiring our attention can leave us in a bad mood.

Clutter is known to increase our stress levels and this can lead to more serious issues like anxiety, depression and even high blood pressure.

Clutter saps your energy and it’s a vicious circle. The more you feel the need to tidy up, the less you want to and the more clutter is created.

Excess clutter can make you feel out of control, with no time to do anything about it.

A cluttered fridge or pantry can lead to overeating or not eating the right foods.

Living in a cluttered space can leave you feeling embarrassed or even ashamed, and not inviting people round means less social interaction.

A cluttered space means less space to do the things we enjoy such as yoga or baking.

Eliminating clutter from our homes can have incredible benefits to both our mental and physical health such as:

· The feeling of freedom and pride in our home and life

· A better sense of calm and control

· Reduced stress levels

· We feel more energised for whatever is important to us and for what life throws at us

· Our ability to focus and process information increases

· We have a clearer mind and can therefore make better decisions

· We feel empowered and, in turn, more productive and creative.

So what’s next…

Here at Perfect Order we know the benefits that a decluttered, tidy home can bring, and we’re here to help you achieve it, step by step.

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