Below are a selection of some of the comments received from our clients

"I engaged Joanne to help me with decluttering and organising my messy kitchen cupboards.  right away, Joanne had ideas for everything and got straight to work.  I can't believe how much more space I have and now I can see where everything is.  Joanne offered some great solutions for space saving and organising and clearly has a passion and talent to sort any space.  I highly recommend Joanne, she really is a miracle worker!"

Kate Bradford

"Joanne was so warm and engaging and made me feel at ease!  I felt like I had known her for years as I was so comfortable with her.  It was incredible what we achieved in just 2 hours.  Joanne helped me to declutter, work out what I could sell and free cycle and what to keep and how to store effectively.  Joanne gave me so many hints and tips and showed me effective ways of storing items.  I feel like I have a new room and feeling motivated to start on the next room! Highly recommend!

Sarah Louise

"Joanne came and did three hours at my house last week and I tasked her with the kids rooms. I was a bit nervous about somebody who I had never met coming to my house and sorting through our stuff but Jo was lovely and I felt very comfortable with her. She made a difference to all three kids rooms. I can't believe how much space I gained just from having drawers and cupboards properly organised. She gave me lots of alternative ideas for sorting and storage. Will definitely be asking her back to tackle the kitchen and under the stairs. Highly recommend!"

Pamela Boyd

"Jo is a friend of mine and i felt a little embarrassed that she was going to help me with a job I thought I should be able to do myself, but she was completely professional and did a great declutter.  She made some great storage suggestions and also pointed out a couple of items that i should try to sell - and to my amazement they were snapped up! One person's junk really is someone else's treasure!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jo's services.  If you keep putting off that decluttering like I did, she's your woman to get it done!"

Rachel Gravell