Senior Moves

Have you or your loved ones reached an age when the home you've lived in for so long is just too big?  If you are considering downsizing it can prove quite a challenge deciding which items you want to take and which to sell or donate.

Moving at your pace, I work with you to help you decide what you would like to take, and what things you no longer serving a use for you.   I can help you with both ends of the move, the sorting and packing and also the unpacking and cleverly organising your possessions.


Whether a loved one is moving to a smaller house, to sheltered accommodation or care, or even into a house shared with family, I can help with the process of organising their things so that they can feel more relaxed and at ease with what can sometimes be an unsettling time.  It will give them, and you, more time to focus on what is important and help you all feel more able to enjoy your new space.   professional organiser and decluttering home organiser