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A garage crammed to bursting, a playroom overflowing at the seams or a whole house that causes un-necessary stress and anxiety because it is full of your family possessions.

Whatever your circumstances I can help you to declutter and store your belongings in more practical ways that will improve your living space and restore some perfect order in your home. 

Declutter mind5.jpg

Contrary to popular belief, decluttering is not simply about throwing out things and tidying up.  It is about finding out what is important to you and helping you to organise and store these things, whilst removing unnecessary items which sap both your time and energy.

I work with you to determine what items you no longer need or want, I provide gentle encouragement and motivation as parting with items can be an overwhelming task.

What you part with will be entirely up to you, but working with you I will help you understand what is truly important and what is no longer serving you. 


Contact me today to schedule a no-obligation free chat, to see if you would like to work with me.

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