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Life Events

Nobody knows what life may throw at them and during difficult times it can be overwhelming  to deal with things.  

I  provide a sympathetic hand if you find yourself having to sort out a loved ones possessions. 


I  work with you, at your own pace to help you sort out the things that mean the most, making suggestions about how to store memorabilia and keep those items that are most treasured.  

As well as helping you keep the things most valuable, I can also gently give advice as to the best options to help you with the unwanted items. 

Moving 1_edited.jpg

Not all life-changing events are unpleasant.  Maybe you find yourself moving in with a new partner and finding that you have two or more of everything. 


Whilst the process can be fun it can also be somewhat stressful.  As a professional organiser I can help during challenging periods in your life.

Experience the benefits of working with a Professional Organiser call me today .

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