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Home Staging

Are you looking to move?


It is easy over the years  for bits and pieces to accumulate resulting in your home not being displayed at its best to potential buyers. 

We've all seen the photos of houses with toys everywhere, cupboards rammed, boxes stacked high , clothes drying and dishes in the sink. 


Whilst this is everyday life for us, it often fails to give an impression of space and light that make that all important first impression. 

Plant 2.jpg
Jo 11.jpg

Moving home can be an expensive time however staging your home needn't add to these expenses as it can make a property stand out from the competition.  

I can help  to guide you in preparing your property for sale. Not just by decluttering and organising, but through useful tips and tricks regarding home staging. 


Whether you are just thinking of marketing your home or you feel that something is hindering its sale and need a fresh perspective, get in touch to see how I could help.

Experience the benefits of working with a Professional Organiser book your free Discovery call with me today. 

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